May I tempt you with something sweet?

2 May

Easy Bake Coven by JD Shaw

Over the moon excited was my reaction when up and coming author, J.D. Shaw contacted me about designing the book cover for his new novel, Easy Bake Coven, the first in a series of novels from the Vivienne Finch Magical Mysteries. Once I saw some samples of other covers that was in keeping with his vision, I knew it was kismet, especially when he stated he wanted the background to be a “rich deep purple.”

My enthusiasm was on overdrive and I started designing before our initial consultation.  When I showed him my drafts, he was super ecstatic. With just some minor tweaks, in a matter of hours, the cover was born, Christened and ready for a tease on social media.

Meet Miss Vivienne Finch and her furry friend, Tommy Cat.

Cover illustration for

Cover illustration for Easy Bake Coven

Vivienne owns a bakery in the middle of historic Main Street in Cayuga Cove called Sweet Dreams Bakery. Shhh…don’t tell, but Vivienne is a witch. Easy Bake Coven is currently being formatted to appear on Amazon Kindle at the end of May. Do stay tuned!  Read the book’s synopsis on the back cover.

Easy Bake Coven back cover featuring the novel's synopsis

Easy Bake Coven back cover featuring the novel’s synopsis

My first book illustration and I look forward to a fabulous collaboration with J.D. for his future novels. Check back for more details on the book’s launch. Happy reading!

UPDATE: J.D. Shaw is full into his Vivienne Finch Magical Mystery series. The books are available on Amazon as paperbacks or eBooks on Kindle.

JD Shaw's books at Barnes & Noble and the library

Easy Bake Coven (Book 1) and Yule Be the Death of Me (Book 2) in Barnes & Noble (Horseheads, NY) and the library


One Response to “May I tempt you with something sweet?”

  1. dshaw1973 May 3, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    It’s been amazing working with you on this project to make this book come to life! Can’t wait to start on the next cover! Looking forward to many more books in the future!

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