Allison MarieWelcome to “a girl and her passions.” Allison Marie — digital artist extraordinaire, shares her whimsical and fun designs, her journey on the wellness path, and her drive to seek joy. Plus the people, places and things that inspire her.

Allison Marie operates a digital design business, Alli’s Studio, that takes pride in attention to detail and realizing each client’s vision and personality. She operates a store on Etsy where her love of design is evident in her creative offerings from art prints, invitations & stationery, labels, logo design and customized accessories.

Custom illustrations by Allison MarieAllison is also a partner in Peaches & Pomegranates with her sister-friend, Helen Elizabeth. Peaches & Pomegranates publishes the Beloved, I AM book series on Amazon. These enlightening books are written in a lyrical style and are perfect reading for those seeking spiritual fulfillment and inspiration. Allison Marie serves as editor and cover designer for the books. You can find Peaches & Pomegranates on Facebook.

Allison Marie is also the founder of Way to Go! — a low carb / ketogenic / paleo support group on Facebook. Her journey to reclaim her health led Allison to a life that embraces whole foods, no grains and no sugar. She believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being and the body-mind-spirit connection, combining clean eating, mindfulness and spirituality to heal the body.

Hailing from Atlanta, Allison Marie currently resides in the majestic beauty of the Finger Lakes region of New York State.


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