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But first, coffee

10 Feb

But First, Coffee

I had my first taste of coffee at age 12 the week before summer camp began. My grandfather would make the drive from Brooklyn, New York to pick me up from my home in Atlanta, Georgia to make the trek back to New York to the beautiful Catskill Mountains. My grandmother worked as the bookkeeper for Camp Ranger so I was fortunate enough to spend the week prior to the start of camp hanging with the adults. One morning we had breakfast on the front lawn (my aunts were the culinary directors) and when Grandpa passed me the coffee, with no parents to admonish me, I didn’t hesitate to fill my cup. And so it began — I was hooked. That love of the mysterious elixir only grew into my adulthood, experimenting with a variety of preparation methods. Last year I discovered butter coffee, also known as “Bulletproof Coffee” or “Keto Coffee” or “BPC.” Superb! It may sound like an odd combination, but don’t knock it until you try it.

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