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Sweet or Savory 1-Minute Muffin

6 Mar

Sweet or Savory 1-Minute Muffin

When I first adopted a ketogenic (low carb) way of eating, I began by following the Phase 1 program of the Atkins diet which consisted of 7 days of prescribed meal plans (Click here for the 7-day meal plan and a recipe for “Oopsie Rolls“). The intent of this program is to detox your body of sugar and carbs and allow your body to begin burning fat (ketone bodies). One of the items listed on Day 1 is the 1-minute muffin. Now, I’m not a big bread eater anyway (which helps when you are a low-carber), but I liked the occasional English muffin for breakfast once in awhile. I purged my pantry of sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, oats, corn, etc. (basically all sugar and grains) and restocked with almond flour, pork rinds, coconut oil, etc. Click here for a keto shopping list.

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